he process of 100 years of planning by world class architects, who existed before, touch and motivate us. The history of architecture which developed from caves to advanced parametric designs, have always been there alongside the history of the human race.

We are competitive in the market due to our real-time experiences from multiple projects. This is the reason we, KCIM, value the true nature of architecture.

We design and work along with architects who create a lifestyle. We also work with engineers who are passionate and create advanced construction technology. Additionally, we work from the users point of view and offer solutions that finish projects to perfection.

Now, the world is changing into a platform service based on real-time communications. The pattern of consumers who only spend in simple ways has changed into a "prosumer". Prosumers are actually consumers but at the same time business people. This change of pattern is widely shown in modern society.

The merge of consumers and providers based on real-time communication has made architectural projects come up with more combined services. KCIM's BIM One Stop solution provides support at different stages of the project. We are proud of our BIM experts who have on the field experience to enhance the value of any project.

With KCIM as your knowledge partner, firms can profit from a scalable expansion model which leads to maximizing revenue.
KCIM is here to support the dreams of architectural and construction companies to gain more advanced skills that can compete and leap forward into the world.

Korea CIM CEO   Seung Hyuk Kim