Solution overview

AutoPlot program is solution that automatically plots multiple drawings at once. In a DWG file, you can name-setting and then plot drawings.
  • AutoCAD 2010 and later Version Support
  • Process Model Plot
  • Single and multiple file multi-processing
  • Specific blocks, external references, view processing
  • Direction, spacing, scale processing
  • Specify file name

Solution overview

KCIM’s CIMPlate provides efficient management solution for easy and quick start of BIM Project. Major features include Revit-based project creation, library utilization, standard template detailing.

One Click! Project generation

Easily configure project drawings and view settings

Excel data interworking

Various use and management through data interworking

Manual embedded in Cimplate

Work-specific manuals are built into the templates to make it easier to understand the workflow.


Provides a standard library that is interoperable and concise.

Standardization of Architectural Drawings

Configure the template to follow the instructions